Golf Tournament @ Cherokee Run

Last Friday the 26th of April, Gary and Joseph did something rather RARE. They both went to an event without their cameras!! Shocker… I know! What they did do was something more impressive. They both played at Cherokee Run in Conyers for a Charity Golf Tournament in honor of Eddie Potts. Eddie’s son plays golf for Heritage High School, so all proceeds went to the school. There were over 100 people that participated in this event which was quite the crowd. It was such a beautiful day! Who wouldn’t enjoy being out on the golf course for the day… :)

Eddie Potts Memorial Golf Tournament

Alcovy High School PROM

On Saturday the 20th of April, Alcovy High School hosted their 2013 Prom at the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Athens, GA.

For many students, prom night exists as the single most important social event of the year, mainly in honor of their graduating seniors. From chocolate fountains to good music to prom’s king and queen to making wonderful memories, you definitely could say these young adults had a BLAST!!!!! :)


SHS Cinderella

Last night was a perfect example of one of the many reasons I love what I do. Salem High School’s drama team preformed the play “Cinderella” and did it well!

That is not the story here though. I have photographed over 50 plays at Salem over the years but this night was special to me because I got to photograph Eli Adams as King Maximillion which is his last character at Salem. I photographed Eli the first time when he was less than 2 years old! Over the years he has been in front of my camera continuously. My joy here is developing a relationship with these kids over many years, that have continued even now. It is a true blessing getting to know the kids, their siblings, friends and parents. I do have to say the utmost thrill is when one says “I only want Gary as my photographer”. :)

Cinderella was a very enjoyable play that hopefully you can go see for yourself tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

There are many, many Salem students that I have formed a great relationship with over the years but mine and Elis has been the longest. I do look forward to many more years of Eli in my lens. :)






Honor Flight Day

What a great day I had yesterday as I took a day trip to Washington DC with the Honor Flight team. Everyone knows how much I enjoy photographing high school seniors. Well, yesterday for the 4th time, I was honored to spend the day with 25 true seniors from the greatest generation. I was the photographer for Honor Flight in Conyers, which takes World War II vets and their Guardians to Washington DC for a day of touring the monuments like the WWII Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. It was a day filled with smiles, joy, beauty, amazement, tears, thankfulness and appreciation. I wish everyone could experience this opportunity! I look forward to my next trip with these amazing veterans, I feel very lucky to be a part of this! These are just a few photos I chose to show some of the things we did. :)

Also, for the 2nd time, a young person came up to me in Washington and said “hey, you did my senior pictures“! Both times I was able to spend a little time with them and it just made my day even BETTER!!!

If you are interested in becoming a Guardian for one of these honored Veterans please contact Dave Smith at Honor Flight in Conyers at 770.483.4049 or visit the website @  Its a life changing opportunity to visit this beautiful place and support our fellow WWII Veterans.