Memorial Weekend at Stone Mountain Park

Memorial Day is a time of reflection for our nation – and especially for our service members – as we honor those who gave their lives so that others may live. Its also a day to give thanks to the men and women still overseas fighting for our country and most importantly – OUR FREEDOM. 

Gary spent his weekend at Stone Mountain Park taking pictures of the three day Memorial weekend event. This event featured free concerts, the laser show spectacular in mountain vision, special fireworks finale, and other patriotic activities. Gary spent each day walking around the park taking pictures of the bands, fireworks, laser shows and attractions. He also had the opportunity to sit with Charlie Daniels in his bus and take photographs of him with some of his fans. Below I have posted some of the photos from the “Salute the Troops” Event at Stone Mountain. All of the photos are on our website Here’s the link to the Gallery:

Birthday Parties!!!

This past weekend at Ezell’s Studios, we hosted our first 2 Photo Fun Birthday Parties!!! I was even surprised at how great it went, how perfect the space was and of course how much fun everyone had!!! This idea started a couple months ago when one of my clients, Trudie Jefferies, asked if we could take some pictures of her daughter Jayanni and her friends for her 15th birthday. Well… this got me thinking… what a great place to HOST a girl’s birthday party! We had the space, the lights, the camera and the girls brought the ACTION! This is perfect for any glamorous girl who just loves being in front of the camera. Especially on HER Special Day. These parties will provide you with plenty of memories, not only do we bring you in the back of the studio to take pictures, we can also provide a personal birthday photographer and private PHOTO BOOTH! You will have your picture taken so much your not going to want to look at another flash for months! 😉 Here is an overview of our Packages and Party Additions.

 On Saturday, Jayanni Jefferies and eight of her guests celebrated her 15th birthday party here at Ezell’s. I would first like to take a minute and say WOW to Mrs. Trudie for her decorating abilities! I know who i’m calling for my next party decorator! :) Jayanni is an upcoming  sophomore with lots of energy and loves to be in front of the camera, so she was the perfect girl to jump start this photo party idea! She decided on our Hollywood package. Here are some pictures from her Birthday shoot in the studio, photo booth pics and candid shots of the party!


Then on Sunday, Hailee Bell, her friends and family came to Ezell’s to enjoy a new way to celebrate her 10th birthday party! Hailee is such a cutie, we take pictures of her for Storm Cheer-leading and she was our PERFECT second Photo Party Birthday Girl. She also chose the Hollywood package and boy did they have a great time in the back, as well as the photo booth :) I especially feel proud to know Ezell’s Studios made their special Day one to remember! We definitely had a lot of fun this weekend and we hope you choose Ezell’s Studios for your next Photo Birthday Party!!

Renaissance Festival on Mothers Day

Mothers Day is a wonderful time to express your appreciation to the greatest women on earth! I know I am blessed because I still have my mom and she has been a very special person to me my whole life. She is 84 years old and in pretty good health. GO MOM!! :) I am also married to a wonderful mom of 3 and still going strong for over 30 years now. On Mother’s Day, this past Sunday, God blessed us with ahhhmazing weather so I knew I wanted to get out of the house. I spent the day with my wife, daughter and grand daughter at the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Fairburn GA. We have been wanting to go to this festival for years and everything lined up for us to go so… off we went!! It was just how I pictured it to be – EXCITING!!!!

This is a 16th century kingdom with lots of events and characters from waaayyy back in the day. The reenactment here is incredible and very fascinating. This festival had activities such as the royal petting zoo, birds of prey, whip demonstration, juggling and even jousting! I even tried the bow and arrow shooting and ax throwing! Let me just say, if my food depended on my archery skills I would be 1/2 the man I am now… {in size}.

I encourage everyone to go there for a day. You have to see it to believe how real everything looks and how well these characters reenacted the 16th century. Of course, I took my Canon with me, I knew I was going to capture some amazing pictures…



Angel Boggs Bridal Shoot

Wednesday the 8th was a great day! Angel Boggs, one of my 2009 seniors from AHS is getting married to Christopher Pitts in October this year!!! They were high school sweethearts and have decided to take that next step in marriage. Through her job at UCB we have been able to stay in touch over the years. Angel is a beautiful girl with a wonderful, highly energetic personality. We had planned to do this Bridal Shoot about a month ago and both of us were really excited to be shooting in the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta. We started the shoot in our studio on our brand new Victorian living room set – VERY EXCITING!!! Then traveled to downtown Atlanta where the fun began! After about 2 hours of shooting at the beautiful botanical gardens I asked Angel is she would mind going over to Peachtree St. for a few more shots and of course she was excited for more! We ended the fantastic bridal shoot at the Varsity where we were able to unwind and DINE!!! Of course, we cannot post the pictures of Angel in her dress just yet, but here are a few snapshots of our trip and some locations we visited! Once they tie the knot in October I will be posting them all!!!

Thank You Angel for letting me be apart of your love story and I wish all the best to you and Christopher on this new Journey… 

Second Chance Senior Sessions!

As many of you know that over the school year everyone changes. Which is a good thing!!! Whether you got your braces removed, accomplished a great new tan, lost some weight or just have a trendy up-to-date wardrobe you didn’t have last summer–Whatever the case may be, we are giving our 2013 SENIORS a second chance to have their pictures taken for graduation, your family or just for yourself with NO SITTING FEE!! This particular session will focus only on casual. It will include two casual outfits on a variety of different backdrops in our studio including a couple BRAND NEW setups!!! The sitting fee will be waved if you purchase a package from us the same day as your session. We want to congratulate you on your success and wish you the best on your journey into the “REAL WORLD” – as people like to put it :)

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