2014 Seniors

As many of you know, Summer is our time to photograph seniors from Newton, Rockdale and surrounding counties for their Senior Portraits. We have had such a fulfilling exciting summer already! Our Ezell’s Girls are fantastic this year and it will be very hard to watch them head off to college at the end of Summer. We are very pleased with our new sets we have this year, as are the Seniors that have already been photographed. But, Summer’s end is approaching and we are still booking up very fast, so if you have not called and made your appointment for Senior Pictures, please do so very soon so we can make sure your photos will be sent to your schools yearbook. I have posted some photos from our 2014 Senior Sessions of different backgrounds to give you an idea of why we do what we do! If you still need some information on prices, sessions, tips or trends please visit our website www.ezellsstudios.com and click on our Senior Catalog to get an idea of what to expect on your special day. Hope to see you many of you very soon! :)




Gary’s 4th of July Week…

I had a good July 4th week and hope you did also! It started out rainy… and ended rainy. Over the years I’ve learned how to take what I am given when it comes to taking pictures. There is beauty in the world even if the sun does not shine.

Sheila and I started the week off by driving to see my family in Alabama. We spent Sunday and Monday visiting and spending time with my family, which is always fun for me. Tuesday we enjoyed a scenic drive to Chattanooga, TN. We got a hotel downtown and spent the afternoon touring and photographing the sites in between the raindrops. Chattanooga is such a pretty city to photograph. Wednesday morning we were headed to the Smokey Mountains but the rain at that time would not stop. So, Sheila and I took on plan B and headed back to Conyers. We arrived home about lunch time and by 5p.m. I was bored and noticed my index finger twitching, meaning I wasn’t ready to relax, I wanted to go take more pictures! So, I asked my youngest granddaughter to come to the Sunflower Field in Rutledge and of course she was in. We headed out for our 2nd trip in 3 weeks. The first trip wasn’t as fulfilling as we hoped but with all the rain and watering, the sunflowers were absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day was finally here. I had been looking forward to going into Atlanta for their Firework display that night. I go into the city early to find the best location for the show and maybe photograph other landmarks. I spent 5 hours in Atlanta looking around, scouting out the best spot, taking pictures, dodging the rain and in general, having a great afternoon. I liked the pictures that I took before the fireworks show more than the actual fireworks show itself. Friday and Saturday were very restful. Because of the rain on Thursday, Covington postponed their firework show until Saturday night and I was ready to go!!

Great job Covington, you were able to pull it off and put on a great show in between the rain and lightning. I took much better firework pictures here than I did in Atlanta – as you will see in the pictures posted below. Sunday morning, off to church, lunch with my wife and later that afternoon I spent a little time photographing the little furry friends in our back yard.

It was a great restful week seeing my family, doing a little traveling and getting to do a lot of my hobby – TAKE PICTURES!! :)