Walking the Runway

Walking the Runway

Do you have what it takes to walk the runway? Can you keep your head, heels, and confidence high as you strut, constantly being judged by every eye that’s watching you?

Needless to say this is a talent some have and some wish they had.  Ezell’s had the pleasure of hosting a Bridal Show Model Call hosted by Runway Images Inc.  We had thirty girls participate in this event.

If you know anything about modeling at all, you know it’s safe to assume that this is a pretty cutthroat environment.  The competition is fierce, there is always someone smaller, prettier, and more the part than you are. Do you let that keep you from walking the runway? NO!

The results are not in yet, but take a look at some of the competition.



IMG_6774 Photo Credit to Gary Ezell









A Passion


Since the day I stepped into Ezell’s Studios one of the words that has been constantly thrown around is “Passion.” I hear it a lot from our photographers, but I also see it a lot in the photos that are hanging on our gallery walls.

Whether it’s a passion for a sport, an instrument, modeling, or even just a passion for taking beautiful photos. Our clients have passions, and it is such a humbling experience when they choose this studio to help capture their passion in a photograph.

My first experience with this topic happened in December of 2013. I came into work and checked our calendar for the day’s assignments.  In the 4:30 slot for Joseph (one of our talented photographers) was the name Victoria Johnson.

Later that day Joseph told me she was coming in to have photos made for her portfolio, that she was a ballerina. I was instantly excited about this! It was one of my first few weeks here at Ezell’s and the lights, cameras, and backdrops were all still so fresh and new to me.

Victoria and her mother Debbie arrived at the studio and we immediately got to work.  To meet Victoria is to like her. She is a beautiful young lady with an easy laugh and apparently amazing work ethic. As she warmed up her mother told me that she had an audition coming up in January for one of the top three schools in the nation for ballet.


    Victoria Johnson

If we weren’t already impressed with Victoria, we were for sure impressed now. She and her mother had pose after pose picked out for her to do as part of her portfolio. You could tell by the look on her face and the amount of concentration she had during our session that ballet was definitely Victoria’s passion.

Yesterday, Victoria’s mother Debbie came to pick up her photos and told me they would be flying out today for her big audition.  She also told me Victoria landed the lead role in Cinderella for The Covington Regional Ballet’s spring recital. What a confidence boost! We all have our fingers crossed for Victoria as she prepares to graduate high school and make her way into college. We just know she will do amazing things.


Stay tuned for more on Victoria’s journey and to hear about all the other amazing things we do here at Ezell’s Studios!



Do you have a passion that you want us to capture?  Comment below and tell us what your passion is we want to know!  We will select one of you to do a free session involving your passion.

*Photo Credit to Joseph Poole*

Cover Girl 2014!

Our top three Cover Girl contestants have been chosen. It was not an easy task — we had so many stunning and unique faces in our studio this December. Narrowing down to only three felt impossible, but here are our winners:


Brittney, 2014 Cover Girl!



Brielle, Second Place



Jessica, Third Place


We had so many amazing girls in our studio, we wanted to share them all with you. Take a peek at our other contestants! We are so thrilled with this years results; we hope to see the same girls back again next year, along with some new faces! To our contestants, it was an absolute pleasure! We are so grateful for you and the joy you bring to our work. Thank you for your survey responses! We are already planning and hope to make Cover Girl 2015 the best one yet!