Senior Extreme

We are taking Senior season to a whole new level this year.

Introducing: Extreme


This is a session that only a few will elect to take advantage of, it will be a senior experience like none other. Extreme sessions are booked for MONDAY’S, they are held on location in Atlanta and its surrounding areas. Your day will include 6 outfit changes, plus your cap and gown, and tux or drape photo.

Do we have your attention yet?

This shoot begins in our studio, here you get three outfit changes, your cap and gown photos, and your drape or tux. From the studio we will head to our location for the day. We will spend about 2-3 hours shooting, then we’re treating you to lunch!

This session would be ideal for a group of friends! So LADIES grab your besties and schedule your appointment! Gentlemen we know you have love for your guy friends, this could be fun for you too!

The Extreme session fee is $195.  Schedule your appointment today!


Senior Portraits, Breaking down the cost.

Senior Mom’s and Dad’s this is for YOU!

We get a lot of questions as we’re booking senior portrait sessions about “what is the final cost” of my child’s senior portraits. There is no “real” answer to this question. Each senior session is very unique and the final cost can vary.

The average senior parent spends anywhere from $250 to $300 on senior portraits.


Lets talk about the minimum cost of senior portraits.

We start with your session type. Basic, Deluxe, Elite, or Extreme. Each session type has a session fee associated with it.

Basic Fee : $25  Deluxe Fee: $35  Elite Fee:$95  Extreme Fee:$195

Your session fee is due on the day of your portrait session. Half of your senior portrait package order is due at the time of ordering. This in addition to your session fee is the MINIMUM you will pay for your senior portraits.

After we have taken your photos, your Ezell’s Girl will sit down with you for your portrait presentation. This is where you determine the “final cost” of your senior portraits. To make things simpler for our customers we have created a series of “Portrait Packages” ranging from $120 to $1,000.

Our packages are “pose” based.  One image = pose.

For example: You have selected the “Basic” portrait package for $120. This package includes ONE pose (or image) in the following sizes :  (1) 8×10 (2) 5×7 and (8) wallets.




                                ( The cap and gown portrait is considered ONE pose)

There are a wide range of options available to you when order senior portraits. On the day of your senior session we will give a 25% discount to any portrait package ordered. This offer is only valid the DAY OF your portrait session.

We are offering a June special this season. If you have your senior portraits taken in the month of June AND order photos the DAY OF your session, we will give you a BASIC package of ANY pose free!

We hope this answers your questions, but we do love to hear from you! If you have ANY other questions about senior portrait sessions our team is here to help.

Just give us a call at 770-918-1198 or email us .


Senior Class of 2015

Can you believe it? Your graduating this year, its the moment you have been building up to for oh so long. Probably the most important day of your life to date is hurtling toward you faster than you know. GRADUATION!

Ezell’s Studios is the premier Senior Portrait photographer in this area. We look forward to meeting our seniors every year, and creating a portrait experience that will last a lifetime.

We start photographing our seniors the FIRST week of JUNE and end the FIRST week of AUGUST. We are NOW booking our seniors so call us today to reserve your portrait date.

Having your senior portraits taken is kind of a right of passage. We are here to ensure that this experience is unique to each senior who walks through our door. All of the information about senior sessions and pricing can be found here on our website.

We still get a lot of questions each year regarding the “final” cost of senior portraits. We know our senior parents like to be prepared when they come to purchase photos. To find the answer to your questions, take a look at our blog post: “Senior Portraits, Breaking Down the Cost.”



Modeling Seminar

Many of the young ladies who walk through our door ask us the same question “How do I get into modeling?”  Here in Conyers there are not a lot of options for these girls to work with, especially when it comes to starting their careers. After many years of having very few answers, we were glad to help our local girls finally answer some of the questions they have always asked us.

We are so thankful to Stevee Ashlock of SBP Talent who helped us host a FREE modeling seminar here at our studio on Sunday. We had around 19 young ladies come to find out how to jump start their modeling careers!

Stevee laid it on the line for these girls and made it very clear what the expectations in “the business” are. However the most inspiring thing she mentioned was “building each other up.”

“The girls sitting around you are like your sisters, it is important to build each other up instead of tearing each other down with negativity.”

                                                                      – Stevee Ashlock

We hope all of the girls and parents who attended this event feel more confident in their modeling futures than ever. It is our goal to continue to work with wonderful people like Stevee and SBP Talent.