Need pictures of your office building, product, staff or corporate event?

Photographs are invaluable for your website or marketing materials. Ezell’s Studios can take care of it all for you. We would be proud to come to your office and document the workplace. And if it’s headshots of the staff you need, we can arrange to come to your location, or you can come to our studio. Ezell’s Studios can take pictures to showcase your product as well. We have also been a part of many corporate events from awards banquets to Christmas parties and grand openings.


Corporate & Product Photography

$150 per hour on location (3 hour minimum)
$75 per hour in studio (2 hour minimum)

Images from the photo shoot can be purchased on a CD for $200 unedited, or $75 per hour to edit.

Corporate Headshots

$150 location fee
$45 per person photography charge with edited image on CD

Call for in-studio fees and print pricing.


In business and social media, a Headshot can become a personal introduction for professionals.  What you say about yourself through your Headshot sets the stage for what employers think of you.  In this, we take great pride, because we know how important your Headshot is to you! All of your Headshot sessions feature customized lighting and minor retouching that best enhances unique characteristics.  Every Headshot that we photograph has different applications and purposes so it is important that we match your usage with your unique style. 


First impressions are everything.  Right or wrong, the quality of your images greatly influence a customers perception of your product or service.   You may produce the worlds best ‘widgets,’ but if you market them using low quality photographs, the world will assume your products are of low quality as well.  While high quality marketing methods may be out of your budget, high quality photographs are not.



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