Gary’s Story

Can you imagine doing your hobby & passion as a

job?  Well, that has happened to me, and that is

what I am doing!!

My love of phGaryotography started in 1980 when I was given my 1st camera, a Canon  AE-1.  My passion for photography grew  It seemed like with every roll of film I had developed, it became my goal to get better pictures I shot.  I became the family photographer at Christmas, the corporate photographer at sales meetings, and enjoyed every minute of it.  After many conversations with God and my wife, we decided to open Ezell’s Studios 19 years ago, and what a great decision It was.   A concern of mine was: I did not want my hobby and passion in life
becoming a job, but even after all these years I can say  it has not.  I enjoy creating the beautiful images more than ever and enjoy seeing the smiling faces when they look at their pictures, and the memories I have created for them.  God has blessed me in my life by sending me my wife of 30 years–Sheila.  She has been so supportive of all the hours I am away from home enjoying my career.  It is a blast photographing weddings of the high school seniors I have known for years, and developed a relationship with.  The highlight of my photography life are high school SENIORS!  Every year I get new faces, styles, backgrounds, and new techniques.


I have many action shot opportunities with all the sports events  I cover. From my perspective it’s like a lot of men going fishing and/or hunting.  It is so exciting to capture that perfect moment of a great play that will happen only once in a lifetime.  My hobby now has become photographing landscapes, lighthouses, and everything that is captivating to me when we go on vacation.  I want to thank God, Sheila, and the Rockdale/Newton area for allowing me to do what I love so much, for so many years.  I hope to continue to keep this area ahead of the times in your photography needs, styles, and quality for many more years to come.

 – Gary


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