People of all ages are starting their modeling and acting careers to make money, gain confidence, and to experience what it is like to become  “The Next Glam Model!”

All types of models are constantly being needed for print, fashion, glamour, commercial and in the new fast growing Atlanta film industry. Our goal at Ezell’s Studios is to help photograph & develop some of Atlanta’s finest new talent.  Ezell’s shoots each headshot, composite, and portfolio based on your individual look and the potential talent industry that you are trying to reach. Please call for more information or a direct quote.


In social media or in the glamorous model and movie industry, a headshot can become a personal introduction for models and actors. What you say about yourself through your headshot photo sets the stage for what casting directors and agencies think of you. We take great pride in this, because we know how much this means to you! All of our headshot sessions feature customized lighting and minor retouching that best enhance your unique characteristics.

Comp Cards

A Comp Card is a card with one or more pictures on it, with your name, contact information and vital statistics. Very often your Comp Card will have a headshot on the front and several different looks on the back. The size of the Comp Card is typically 5” X 7.” Comp Cards are designed to be left by the model with every agent and talent scout you meet, so that they have something to remember you by and also your contact information. To get a Comp Card, you first need to schedule a professional modeling shoot with us, and from that shoot we select your best images and edit them into a compelling design that makes that agent stop and notice you.

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